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05SEP17 – It’s Official!!

Toronto’s official 2017 performance of the international West Coast Swing flash mob (or “international flashmob wcs” as they say in France 😉) is up on You Tube here thanks to 20 or so dedicated dancers and our amazing Director/Cinematographer Linda Darras.  You may have seen some of the cool photos Raymond Hui took as well.

The whole process was a blast!! I’m so proud of all the time and effort everyone put into learning and practicing with us.  Thanks to Shelley for her invaluable technical corrections to keep us all in synch, and un grand merci to the organizers in France who master-minded this global west coast swing community project – and who will have their work cut out splicing together footage from the more than 200 cities who participated worldwide.

What a way to kick of September, eh?

And what a September it’s going to be! TONIGHT we’re celebrating 15 years of weekly West Coast Swing classes here in Toronto with an Open House – offering FREE CLASSES IN ALL LEVELS, AND FREE SOCIAL DANCING.

6:30-7:15 p.m.  WCS*HD with Shelley Saxena – a deep dive into technique and styling. Try it!  You might like it!
7:15-8:00 p.m.  WCS*Repertoire Leadable social patterns for Novice-to-Intermediate dancers
8:00-9:00 p.m.  Our usual first-Tuesday-of-the-month FREE introductory lesson for absolute Newcomers
**9:00 p.m. Flash Mob performance!!** – to kick off the social dancing until midnight

Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd. (west of Ossington, north of Bloor)

Sign up for series of classes in any level this week or next to take advantage of WCS on Sale

Pre-registration available online:

Facebook Event or please see the calendar


Speaking of Open Houses….

Toronto Swing Dance Society’s Open House is this Friday, September 8th 

Rhythm & Motion’s Open House will be on Sunday, September 17th: Shelley is teaching a FREE WCS lesson – See details here and please contact R&M to reserve your spot in the free classes

It’s the “Teacher Gratitude and Getaway in Thornbury” dance weekend, with all kinds of fun activities – and dancing – planned.  I will be a (deeply!) honoured guest, along with esteemed teachers/friends Shelley Saxena, Nelson Clarke, Kyle Fitzgerald and Joanna Swanson, and am looking forward to the R&R – and change in scenery. Thank you so much, Betty!!
Facebook EventActivity Planning Group Page

…so that Shelley doesn’t have to rush back from Thornbury. 😊  As mentioned above, Sunday 17th will be an Open House. New classes in three levels of instruction start Sunday, September 24th – or see the calendar.

The FREE classes this week are the beginning of new six-week series – on sale! – September 5-October 11


September 15-17 – Hustle Intensive at Joy of Dance – see the calendar or the Facebook Event
September 16th – Ancaster Dance with Phil and Flore – See the calendar or Facebook Event


….AND THE WEEKEND AFTER: Saturday, September 23

Plus, weekly classes Monday nights at the West-Way with Lucky and Dynamic Duo West Coast Swing on Thursdays – this really will be a September to remember 😊


Anniversary Party/Open House – Tuesday, Septeber 5  Facebook Event
Gratitude Dance & Thornbury Getaway – September 9-10 Facebook Event
Montreal Westie Fest – October 13-15 Facebook Event
10th Annual CAMH Benefit Dance – November 14th
C.A.S.H. Bash – November 23-26
Spotlight New Year’s Eve – Dec.28-Jan 1, 2018