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12APR16 – Tickets, tickets – who needs tickets?

Last Tuesday night was truly EPIC!  AGAIN!!  Thanks so much to everyone for coming – and if you missed it, we missed you too!!

It’s not too late to join the current of classes that started last week and will continue until May 10th (five more weeks):

6:30-7:15 p.m.  WCS*HD (High Definition) with Shelley Saxena – $95  ($18 to drop in)
7:15-8:00 p.m.  WCS*Repertoire – $75 ($15 to drop in)
8:00-9:00 p.m.  WCS*Fundamentals – $75 – NO new students after tonight, please and thank you!
~8:45 p.m. until midnight  Social WCS dancing – all levels – just $5 or free with any class

Intermediate level students are invited to take HD and Repertoire concurrently for $140 – for the remaining five weeks.

Complete class details are available here:

Cash or cheque at the door, or register online at:

Tuesday night classes take place at the Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd. 2nd Floor

FOMO? This is an incomplete and purely personal list of upcoming events highlighting ticketing and deadline information only. Please see the appropriate websites and/or Facebook pages for the all the excellent reasons *why* you wouldn’t want to miss out.  

Swingin’ Montreal – *this* weekend! April 15-17
Missed the Early Bird Deadline?  I’m pretty sure there are still spots available.
Please contact Melissa at or 514-238-4092
Facebook Event 

Robert Royston Intensive in Beamsville & Ancaster – April 23-24
US$125 or $176 CAD each day (5 hours) or US$200/$282 CAD for both days.
Register by cheque to Elaine Royds, 2943 Darien Rd, Burlington, ON L7M 4K3, or e-transfer to (use password Ancaster).
Class size is limited, so please register soon to guarantee your spot.
Facebook Event

Toronto ROCKS The Michigan Classic – June 2-5
US$119 until May 1st – register online:
Then, if you want to sit at one of the Toronto tables – PM Joanna Swanson, or email her
Facebook Event

Ottawa Pro Dance Weekend – June 17-19
Workshop weekend with Hugo Miquez and Stacy Kay. Still $99 CDN until April 30th
To register, download the registration form online – mail or Interac payment to Ken Lemoire
Facebook Event or please see the website:

Sweet Side of Swing Northwest (Vancouver) – June 24-26
I still have a few discounted “Dancers from Away” passes available for $155 CDN – currently selling for $215 online so please message me ASAP if you want to save your loonies :).
“Dancers From Away” Facebook Page and please see the website:

Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Championships – July 14-17
Tables sold out quickly! General Weekend Passes are still available for $140 CDN /Competitor Passes (no workshops) $105 before June 14th
Robert Royston Intensive Workshop not included. Purchase online at or cheques payable to the Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Championships, 3335 Cardross Road, Mississauga, ON L4X 2N4
**The Sunday Night After Party will be hosted by Shelley Saxena at the host hotel (the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre) – instead of Rhythm & Motion. *FREE* to anyone with a TOSHC wristband, $10 for everyone else**
Facebook Event

Swingtacular: The Galactic Open (San Jose, CA) – August 5-7
US$119 before July 20th.  California here I come! – and I’m looking for room-mates 🙂
Facebook Event or see the website:

Toronto ROCKS The Upstate Dance Challenge – September 8-11
Formerly the Vermont Dance Challenge, now re-located to Albany, NY.
There appears to be an International rate of US$95 available until May 1st
Facebook Event

FOOTNOTE – when “helping” isn’t helping at all
In case you missed it on Facebook, Gary Jobst posted an impassioned rant recently about teaching on the social dance floor. I’d like to add that teaching or “helping” during class can be just as annoying – and potentially harmful. Here’s what Gary had to say:

“Warning! A major vent is about to happen….

I am frustrated beyond belief….

I have been in this amazing world of dance, primarily West Coast Swing, for over 25 years…. I was lucky enough to have started as a line dancer and country couples dancer in the early 90’s…. Achy Breaky Heart was the huge hit that brought many new dancers to the CW scene.. For those who do not know, ABH was the song that started a huge popularity of couples dancing in the early 90’s….. Recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley’s Dad)

I was also lucky enough to have been a part of the amazing social couples dance scene in SoCal in the early 90’s, teaching at Denim & Diamonds in Huntington Beach and Country Rock Cafe in Lake Forrest… The social scene in the Orange County area was the most amazing I have ever seen….. I am proud to have been a part of that scene as a dance instructor and social dancer and I am still friends with many dancers who took my beginner lessons way back then at the clubs where I taught and are still dancing today. Many couples who met at my lessons are still married today and dance partnerships are still going strong…..

However….. I have been seeing a trend in the social dance scene that is so disturbing it is, in my opinion, the biggest reason why new dancers do not return to the social dance environment of West Coast Swing…..

In the past year I have had way to many conversations with brand new dancers who have taken one or two lessons and are falling in love with WCS but have been intimidated, criticized, told they need to take more lessons, told not to come back until they have taken more lessons, told they basically suck and shouldn’t bother with WCS until they get better…

Where is this happening?

On the social dance floor…..

The only thing worse that can happen on the social dance floor is to physically hurt your partner…..

If you could change the one thing that drives more new fans away from WCS than anything else would you do it? I would hope so!!!



Do not give unsolicited advice on the dance floor…

Don’t think that just because you ask if someone would like your help than it is ok to tell them what they are doing wrong!

It is your job to adjust your dance to the person you are dancing with!!!!!

If you have to tell them what they should/shouldn’t be doing than you shouldn’t be doing that particular move/combination/concept with that particular partner…

If they are brand new than figure out what they already know and help them practice it! Remember, you were there once too!!!

Do not offer your help on the dance floor! If they miss the move you are doing then try to do it again… However, adjust your lead/follow when you do! If you are asked for your help then help them to do what they already have learned, do not teach them new stuff that you want to do…… Or wait until after the dance and go to the teacher together for help….

We want this dance to continue to grow..

If you could change the one thing that has the most negative impact for so many newer dancers than PLEASE…. PLEASE…. PLEASE….. DO IT!!!

If they only know a left side pass and a sugar push than enjoy the dance and help them to practice what they know!..

End of vent…. For now….

Please help the growth of the dance we all know and love by making it the most positive experience for every new dancer you meet!


Swingin’ Montreal – April 15-17
Toronto ROCKS! The Michigan Classic – June 3-4
Ottawa WCS Pro Weekend – June 17-19
Sweet Side of Swing Northwest – June 24-26
Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Championships – July 14-17
Check the calendar for more!