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18JUL17 – The Best of TOSHC….

In no particular order and from a completely personal/biased and swungover point of view:

  • Having a front row seat for the Saturday night show which included Ben and Cameo’s “Devil in a Blue Dress” routine, a deflating dinosaur, and side-splitting cameos with Nelson. So much laughing!
  • …oh and Robert and Deborah dancing. West Coast Swing. Together 😊
  • The Hustle Corner – totally energizing the ballroom, whether you danced Hustle or not, and John Lindo killing it with the music.
  • Chicago in the house!  With a JT Team performance, and Nino social dancing his butt off!!
  • Ottawa’s group hugs/huddles – that anyone can join. Such fun spirit!
  • A hugely entertaining Swing Sixteen tournament (Thank you Vincent for getting me to finals, and to Patrick for a couple of fun rounds.)  Congratulations to Lucky and Shelley for representing.
  • A challenging “Centensive” Thursday night with Arjay and other great workshops throughout the weekend.  (Thank you to everyone who came out to mine; hope you had fun and feel you learned something.)
  • Seeing my friends compete and support each other in pretty much every division.  Special highlight was Nelson “vogue-ing” to Madonna while dancing in the Open Hustle Division with Doug Rousar.  (Thank you to all my competition partners, especially Rocco and Randy ❤)
  • Four nights of really, really, really, great social dancing. Really.
  • A fabulous final performance of the GONE routine, with Arjay beaming as he watched his choreography realized by the *awesome* Awesome Threesomes. Love you all!!
  • Master of Ceremonies Robert Royston. The best.  Missed his “History of Swing” presentation but shared a mind-blowing lesson with the Advanced/AllStar competitors that was – well, mind-blowing.
  • Asking dancers where they were from and being able to say “Welcome” – to our city, our AMAZING event ❤  Thank you Deborah, Scott, the Pro Staff, Kym, Xavier, Melanie, Robin and all the volunteers!!!



Monday: West Coast at the West-Way with Lucky Sipin – More Flash Mob lessons/practice and social dancing
Tuesday: Dovercourt House – bring your TOSHC dance dust!!  Flash Mob and Fundamentals classes continue; dancing as usual.  Please see the calendar for more details.
Thursday: Dynamic Duo Summer Series starting  Facebook Group Page
Saturday: Fantastic Four (Nelson, Kyle & the Magic Markers) workshops and dance at Joy of Dance. See the calendar or Facebook Event
Sunday: Shelley is back at Rhythm & Motion – with *New* classes starting at both the Beginner and Basics Plus levels. Intermediate drop-in lessons as usual, followed by dancing.  See the calendar or