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18SEP17 – Dancing with Purpose

This will be our 10th year of getting together as a community to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and addiction, and to raise money for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).  This year we’ll be directing the funds specifically to support their aboriginal services. You can read more about these culturally appropriate initiatives on the CAMH blog here, and/or watch a video on YouTube about the opening of a sweat lodge at their Queen Street facility.

Classes will take place as usual 6:30-9:00 p.m., with the dance starting 9:00 p.m.
Facebook Event

Donations will be accepted online in advance (and are eligible for a tax-deduction) or at the door. There will be raffle prizes – donations of goods and services welcome! – and the highlight of the night is always the Jack & Jill tournament, limited to just 16 Leaders and 16 Followers.

Call for Volunteers! Please let me know if you’re interested in helping. I have three supervisory roles to fill; you can come up with your own title 😊

  • For the Raffle:  set up the prize table, organize sellers, make sure buyers know what to do, and help draw for prizes
  • For the Jack & Jill Tournament:  make sure we have the 16/16 registrants, organize the random pairings, line them up and help direct traffic during the tournament
  • At the Door:  accept donations and/or check the online donation list; direct people to the raffle table and to sign up for the J&J (if there are still spaces available).



  • Ongoing Monday night WCS classes at the West-Way with Lucky Sipin. See the calendar.
  • GroovyTuesday night WCS classes continue at the Dovercourt House – drop-ins to HD and Repertoire only; dancing as usual from 9:00 p.m. until midnight. See the calendar.
  • Ongoing “High Tech” classes with the Dynamic Duo on Thursdays. See the calendar.
  • Shelley’s Motion Study Workshops at Joy of Dance on Saturday (Facebook Event) – followed by monthly WCS & Hustle dance. See the calendar.
  • Lucky in Waterloo for workshops and dance Saturday, September 23. See calendar.
  • New classes starting at Rhythm & Motion Sunday, September 24. See the calendar.

The ripples from Gratitude Dance and the celebrations around my anniversary party/open house has me feeling a little nostalgic for when the entire Toronto West Coast Swing “community” could pile into three cars and drive to Buffalo for a weekend workshop. We now have so many more event opportunities – and so many more dancers – YAY!   It does mean conflicts, though, and fear of missing out as we’re forced to pick and choose.

What follows is just a short list of some of the upcoming events I’ve chosen to attend, and am hoping my Toronto peeps will join me for:

Montreal Westie Fest – October 13-15
This one *will* be well attended by Toronto westies, and our dance pals from Ottawa. New hotel this year (book here!). Joanna Swanson is arranging Toronto tables so be sure to let her know your plans once you’re registered – here. Toronto ROCKS Montreal Westie Fest Facebook

Spotlight New Year’s Eve – December 28-January 1
This is another event that we’ll be attending en masse – in a new hotel with new event directors, The Magic Markers, who will no doubt honour Doug Rousar’s legacy by mounting a fun-filled, friendly event. Book your dinner and, again, let Joanna know you’re coming  Canada ROCKS Spotlight New Year’s Celebration Facebook Page
Official website

Swingcouver – January 18-21, 2018
Yeah, there haven’t been any updates to the Facebook Event or the website recently, but don’t let that be any indication.  They always pull off a crazy-fun event, on the West Coast, with all that implies in terms of level of dancing. Book your air (and may-be include time to visit Vancouver or Whistler while you’re out there), and your hotel. Come along for the ride!

Rose City Swing – February 22-25, 2018
Portland, Oregon is home to two annual West Coast Swing events. Both are well-attended by dancers driving down from Vancouver, up from California, and draw from a large population of regional dancers and instructors. Rose City anchors their roster of young talent with some serious Champion-power: PJ and Tashina, Deborah Szekeley, and (this year – be still my heart!) Brandi Guild!  Levelled workshops, gender-neutral WSDC and other fun comps – oh, and a murder mystery theme this year. It’s going to be a blast!  Facebook Event

As usual, please let me know if you have any questions, have made any errors or missed anything.