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21FEB17 – All in the Family

Yesterday was Family Day in many provinces across Canada – and I want to once again give thanks to my amazing dance family for the enormous outpouring of love last week. I was truly humbled by the personal messages, and got such a kick out of seeing people receiving and reading their “one love” notes, as well as dancing together, talking, laughing, giving and receiving hugs…..

*TONIGHT* It’s not too late to join any of the series of classes that started last week *and* take advantage of the
“Love the One You’re With” BOGO special (Buy One Get One 50% Off).  Classes continue to March 21st.


6:30-7:15 p.m.   WCS*HD (High Definition) – Become a better dancer with Shelley Saxena

7:15-8:00 p.m.   WCS*Repertoire – Leadable social patterns and fun variations

8:00-9:00 p.m.   WCS*Fundamentals – Basic patterns and technique to get you dancing WCS!

~8:45 p.m.  WCS dancing for all!!  Until midnight – just $5 or free with any class!!

Tuesday nights at the Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd. (near Bloor and Ossington)


This Thursday with the Dynamic Duo (Nelson Clarke and Kyle Fitzgerald).  Details here



  • *This* Saturday, February 25th: Joy of Dance Hustle & WCS Party – Joanna Swanson guest teaching Facebook Event
  • Next Saturday, March 4th: Catch Joanna again in Waterloo J Waterloo Westies Facebook Event
  • Steps Studio Party (with Hustle/WCS room): Saturday, March 11th Check the calendar for more details
  • Ancaster WCS Dance : Saturday, March 18th Check the calendar for more details
  • ….and *every Sunday* at Rhythm and Motion with Shelley Saxena!!



You might have seen Robert Royston’s “rant” – triggered by low participation (especially by Leaders) for “intensive” workshop weekends and the like – which turned into more generalized comments and advice about training.  I often tell people how for the first six months of learning this dance I took every single Beginner West Coast Swing lesson I could. Not because I didn’t know how to do a side pass – but because I wanted my side passes to be better.  And guess what?  I’m still working on my side passes. Training never stops.

Case in point: the LevelUp weekend with Hugo & Stacy that I attended a couple of weekends ago in Ottawa had very little so-called “new” material (for me), but it great to focus on my own dancing – without the distractions of competitions or other responsibilities.

IMHO weekly classes and practices are still the backbone of good training (aren’t we lucky to have Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday opportunities!), and while there are no short-cuts, the immersive experience of a workshop weekend or dance camp can provide months of material to work into your weekly practice routine.
For your consideration:

April 1-2 – Robert Royston Intensive Weekend in Ancaster Facebook Event

April 21 – Swingin’ Montreal: Maxime & Torri Edition Facebook Event

June 22-25 – Sweet Side of Swing: Northwest (Vancouver)  (Please join me!!)

July 13 – Arjay “Centensive” (Thursday night kick-off to TOSHC weekend)

July 28-August 1 – Ancaster Dance Camp Facebook Event


It was Bob Fosse who said that if you don’t like repetition you’ll never be a dancer.  Think about how athletes drill certain skills over and over, or how a musician practices scales….

Another great way to “force” yourself to practice is to learn a routine – and if you’re not ready to perform on your own, join a Flash Mob or team.  The Awesome Threesomes are recruiting Leaders and Followers to join us for
weekly rehearsals, Saturday mornings at the Dovercourt House starting April 1st.  Please let me know if you have any questions.