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Some of you may have seen my Facebook post about how surprised and grateful the Aboriginal Services department at CAMH was to hear that we were dedicating our fundraising this year to their work with indigenous clients. At time of writing we’ve raised more than $3000 at last week’s benefit dance and through online donations, and the link is still up for a few more days:


There are a number of other ways to make a personal connection, and make a real difference for someone in crisis – especially as we go into the holiday season. The Gifts of Light program provides things like pajamas and slippers and emergency toiletries for patients who arrive at the hospital with literally the clothes on their backs. More details here

This is the 10th year I’ve reached out for your support, and each year I’m blown away by the response – and am especially grateful for the “boots on the ground” volunteers who help to make sure everything runs so smoothly on the night of the event.

First of all, Debbie Russell – Thank you for stepping in to be our deejay, providing great music all night and inspiring our competitors to “bring it” during the tournament – and keeping the music going past midnight as we cleaned up put way pizza boxes, unclaimed raffle prizes, décor, etc.  You ROCK!

Amazing Grace – Thank you for all you do each week and at these special events.  It is truly amazing how you transform our dance space with a few bolts of fabric, candles etc. – and I know you’re already planning our Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 19th ☹ You ROCK!

Raffle Prize donors –  We don’t actually separate the money to know how much comes from raffle ticket sales, but when the winners are drawn, we do see how many tickets were sold – and how ecstatic the winners are.  Thank you for your valuable contribution. You ROCK!

Judges, Competitors, and Grand Prize donors – The highlight of the evening, IMHO is the Jack & Jill Tournament – pitting random couples against each other in “sudden death” elimination rounds.  Thank you to all the judges for making the difficult calls, to the competitors for putting themselves out there, (to DJ Deb – again -for rolling with it when the judge’s needed another song!), and to all amazingly generous Event Directors who donated grand prizes:

  • Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross (a.k.a. BAMEO) Swingtacular: the Galactic Open Facebook Event
  • Jason and Annemarie Marker: Michigan Classic Facebook Event
  • Melissa Breton and Andrew Sinclair: Montreal Westie Fest Facebook Event
  • Trudy Thatcher and Babak Seyed Shakiri: Rose City Swing Facebook Event

….and Mark – our unofficial videographer!  – Thank you SO much for recording and posting all the tournament action!



Panago Pizza – Thank you for the FREE pizza!! So generous and so appreciated #randomactsofpizza ROCK!  on Faceboook


Special mention to Lisa, CK, and “The Joanna Swanson” who stepped up/in wherever was needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤


We wrap up the current series of classes this week at the Dovercourt House.
6:30-7:15 p.m.  WCS*HD with Shelley Saxena – $18 to drop in, including dance
7:15-8:00 p.m.  WCS*Repertoire – $15 to drop in, including dance
8:00-9:00 p.m.  WCS*Fundamentals – Sorry, no drop-ins. New classes start *next week* (see below)
~8:45 p.m. Drop into the last 15 minutes of the Fundamentals class and stay to dance – until midnight! Just $5, or free with any class
Dovercourt House is located at 805 Dovercourt Rd. (west of Ossington, north of Bloor)



  • Monday night West Coast at the West-Way as usual with Lucky Sipin See the calendar
  • NO Dynamic Duo classes this week
  • NO West Coast Swing Sunday classes/dance this week
  • CASH Bash weekend in Cleveland (November 23-26) Facebook Event or see the calendar
  • Alice in Wonderland (ballet) on screen Sunday November 26th at the Hot Docs cinema Facebook Event or see the calendar


We’re offering five week/five class series to take us through to the end of the year – with special pricing:
6:30-7:15 p.m.  WCS*HD with Shelley Saxena –  $80 including dance
7:15-8:00 p.m.  WCS*Repertoire – $60 including dance
(HD and Repertoire together – $115)
8:00-9:00 p.m.  WCS*Fundamentals – $60 including dance
You can pre-register online here
At the Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd. (west of Ossington, north of Bloor)