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20OCT – Unwritten Rules

It’s already been an AWESOME October – and there’s still more to come!
Monday Nights!  Nelson Clarke continues his West Coast Swing classes – not too late to join! – at the Lithuanian House on behalf of the Toronto Swing Dance Society or see the calendar

TONIGHT! *New* Tuesday night classes start in all three levels at the Dovercourt House followed by weekly dance party (peppered with Montreal Westie Fest dust!!)
Details at
You can pre-register online at: or see my amazing Man Servant/Registrar Paul with cash or cheque at the door

SATURDAY! Monthly dance in Ancaster – Joanna Swanson teaching and deejaying
Facebook Event or see the calendar

SUNDAY! Shelley starts a *new* Level II Beginner series (followed by usual Intermediate drop-in lesson and two hours of fun social dancing) or see the calendar

(Also this weekend – Angel Figueroa (one of the best!) is in Rochester New York –  or please see the calendar for details).

Kick off Halloween Week by dressing up and coming to the Dovercourt House as the Belle of the Ball – or Jack Sparrow. Your choice. Classes as usual, followed by dancing and marauding at ~8:45 p.m.  Facebook Event or please see the calendar

It was after reading the fallout articles about Jose Bautista’s supposedly disrespectful flipping of the bat (and a conversation at the bar watching the Blue Jays during Montreal Westie Fest) that I realized that – like baseball – social dancing (and West Coast Swing in particular) has its own unwritten rules and etiquette. It’s worth a discussion, I think – so I’ll start, and invite additions when I get this posted to the TOWestCoast Facebook page.

  • It’s okay for a Follower to ask a Leader to dance.
  • Boys dance with Boys and Girls dance with Girls – it’s just dancing.
  • It’s not okay to turn down an invitation to dance without good reason (you’ve already danced with that person more than once and want to dance with someone new, the person asking is drunk or in some way potentially harmful to dance with, you need a break or don’t like that song – in which case it’s an unwritten rule that you promise to find that person for a dance later – and you do!)
  • In Jack & Jill competitions you are always positive and excited about any and every partner you get. Always.
  • If you do well in a Jack & Jill and are posting your win on Facebook don’t forget to thank your partner. (Even if you DFL – that’s Dead F***ing Last – it’s still good form to thank your partner for the dances)
  • Results are now posted on event websites so everyone knows who came in first (and last). You don’t need to post on your own page.
  • Don’t teach on the social dance floor
  • Don’t talk in class when a teacher is teaching
  • Don’t spit

See you TONIGHT!!! I’m bringing MWF dust 🙂