• Do I need to pre-register?
    You can preregister and pay with an email transfer (to julie@towestcoast.com) or simply show up a little early the first day of the new series, or whenever you’re joining, and complete a short registration form to submit with your payment (cash or cheque).
  • What should I wear to class?
    Just about anything you’re comfortable in that doesn’t restrict your movement. Many people come directly from work and don’t change clothes before class; they just bring dance shoes. I will often wear jeans or yoga pants.
  • What kind of shoes do I need?
    Again, it’s all about your comfort. You don’t want shoes that will come off easily (like flip-flops or sandals), nor do you want something with a heavy tread that will stick to the floor and prevent you from turning. Women who like to wear heels can certainly do so; Ballroom or Latin dance shoes would be fine, though I personally prefer a lower heel for West Coast. Whatever you choose it should be a shoe dedicated to dancing and not worn outside. That way the dance floor stays cleaner (and safer) longer.
  • Do I need to bring a partner?
    Absolutely not. To really enjoy the dance, and to become a better West Coast Swing dancer overall it’s best to learn how to dance with multiple dance partners, so we ‘rotate’ in class. You’ll learn more quickly, and become part of a great dance community.
  • I might miss a class; will I be able to catch up?
    Learning to dance is all about repetition and practice, practice, practice. Every class includes a review of the previous week’s lesson, and I’ll assist students individually whenever possible. You should be able to miss a class and still progress with everyone else.
  • Do you teach Private Lessons?
    Yes, preferably at my “home studio” (which I share with my elderly cat, Liza). My Diva Productions partner, Shelley Saxena, is an awesome instructor who also offers Private Lessons: shelley@shelleydance.com.
    Joanna Swanson offers Privates in both West Coast Swing and Hustle and can be reached at gonnadanceanyways@yahoo.ca