Usually when I’m asked this question I start by saying what West Coast is not. It’s not, typically, danced to traditional big band ‘swing’ music, nor is it danced to the kind of ‘Rock Around the Clock Tonight’ music of the 50’s.

Jive, Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing (and others) are all derivatives of the original Lindy Hop dance of the 1930’s.  I like to think of West Coast as Lindy’s younger, funkier cousin.

West Coast is a cool and funky style of swing dancing that’s done to a wide variety of music – from Blues and R&B, to Hip Hop and the latest top 40.

I’ve been teaching West Coast Swing in Toronto since 2001 and continue to support the growth of the dance through my classes and the many opportunities to attend workshops, dances, and events locally and within driving distance of Toronto.

Come join us at the Dovercourt House every Tuesday for GroovyTuesday weekly classes in West Coast Swing followed by practice with West Coast Swing dancers of all levels. The last Tuesday of the month is BluesyTuesday where we pay homage to our roots with a playlist that’s heavy on the Blues. (Check out the Classes page for full details.)