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23AUG16 – All Hands on Deck!

Flash Mob *Rehearsal* this week: 7:15-8:00 p.m. Just $5, including socialThis is for EVERYONE taking part in the performance Saturday, September 3rd. We want to sort out who’s dancing with whom (Leaders: expect to dance twice, to accommodate our abundance of Followers). We’ll be running the routine as often as possible in the 45 minute time slot.Next week, August 30th same time, same plan – and there will be a morning rehearsal on *the day*: Saturday, September 3rd.Still lookin...

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All-Star Classes in Toronto!

I had the great pleasure of attending classes on Thursday night with the ‘Dynamic Duo’ (Nelson Clarke and Kyle Fitzgerald), and on Sunday with Shelley Saxena  - and I saw the end of a lesson Joanna Swanson taught in Ancaster on Saturday night. It fills my little West Coast Swing heart with such joy to see the amazing and dedicated local talent we have, sharing knowledge and passion with the community.  Weekend workshops and events are fun and inspirational – and can break through plateau...

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09JUL16 – Galactic Dance Dust

I started writing this while on the West Coast: Santa Clara, California - where I was attending Ben and Cameo’s spectacular event: Swingtacular. The “Galactic Show” on Saturday night featured a number of Pro-Am routines (including our own Lewis Chan’s with Sarah Vann Drake), a Rising Star division, a Hip Hop battle (learned that day), John Kirkconnell and Alyssa Glanville’s ‘Catch and Release’ piece to live music, and more - finishing with a group performance of Kyle and Sarah’s...

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