Lessons and dancing Tuesday nights at the Dovercourt House (805 Dovercourt Rd.) in Toronto followed by dancing to a mix of Top 40, Blues, R&B music with a fun and welcoming community of dancers. No partner required!

First-Tuesday-of-the-Month *FREE* class in West Coast Swing!! 8:00-9:00 p.m. followed by West Coast Swing dance/”social” until midnight
No partner, and no experience required!
Tuesday, October 4th
Tuesday, November 1st
Tuesday, December 6th

NEXT SERIES/ALL LEVELS:  October 11- November 15 – six (6) weeks, six (6) classes

WCS*HD (High Definition) with Shelley Saxena 6:00-7:15 p.m. $95 (including September 13 JUST DANCE)

WCS*Repertoire 7:15-8:00 p.m. will be offered as a $15 drop-in class only September 6, 20, 27, October 4,11

WCS*Fundamentals 8:00-9:00 p.m. $75 (including September 13 JUST DANCE)

Weekly WCS Dance/Social 8:45 p.m. – midnight : Make new WCS friends and practice what you’ve learned!  Only $5 per person or FREE to students



WCS*HD (High Definition) – Learn to be a better dancer with Shelley Saxena. Focus on technique, styling, more advanced concepts. Series price is $95 for six (6) classes. Drop-ins permitted: $18

WCS*Repertoire – Popular lead-and-follow patterns. Content changes every series. Students are required to have completed the Fundamentals series or similar.  Series price is $75 for six (6) classes. Drop-ins permitted: $15

WCS*Fundamentals – No experience necessary! An introduction to WCS basic patterns and technique to get you on the social dance floor – dancing and having fun!!  Series price is $75 for six (6) classes. Sorry, no drop-ins and students must start the series on week 1 or week 2 at the latest. Graduates are encouraged to repeat the series (for FREE) as often as they wish.

WCS*HD – $95.00, including social ($18 to drop in)
WCS*Repertoire – $75, including social ($15 to drop in)
WCS*Fundamentals – $75, including social – (Sorry, no-drops)
HD+Repertoire (taken concurrently) – $140.00
“Rinse and Repeat” – Graduates of the Fundamentals series are invited/encouraged to *REPEAT* as many of the Fundamentals classes that they wish – for FREE!  Pay only for the social: $5 each week or $30 a six-week series, $35 for a seven-week series.